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House of somos hotel
ROOMSModernity and Nature
Hotel con AlbercaSWIMMING POOLExclusive
LOCATIONOn a unique beach
SURFThe best waves
ActivitiesNature and outdoors
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    A contemporary haven surrounded by wild landscapes that allows for endless exploration, an outpost built to foster a sense of freedom through our offerings. Designed to cover all bases, we are a place where rest and play meet the best in life; surfing, custom motorcycles, expedition trips, food and beverages, clothing and lodging. Together they entangle the senses, shake the heart and reward the soul.

  • House of somos hotel
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    WE ARE is a place where adrenaline seekers, artists, builders and adventurers from all over the world come together to share a common goal.

    It is a destination for the few who can appreciate its true discovery value; insatiable explorers who want to be part of something radical, something that satisfies all the senses.

  • House of somos hotel


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    Diagonal to Discoteca La Lora Amarilla, Playa Santa Teresa Puntarenas, Costa Rica